ZURN Engineered Water Solutions

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For solutions in Hydronics, Mechanical Rooms,
domestic water, and water conservation

Jomar Valve

An industry leader in brass and stainless steel valves,
Italian valves, medical gas, pvc, cpvc, carbon steel
traditional and actuated valves. See the line on our
products page.


For solutions in total building plumbing balancing and
water control, look no further than Acorn Controls.
Specializing in retrofit building solutions and automation,
your solution awaits.

Murdock Fountains and Plumbing

A provider of outdoor and indoor drinking fountains,
coolers, and bottle fillers, Murdock has just the
end user experience your customers need.


An industry leader in grease and solids handling,
Zurn Green Turtle can provide the perfect above
ground or in ground fiberglass
interceptor solution for any new
construction or renovation project.

AB&I Foundry

Cast iron piping solutions for any application
commercial and industrial. Sturdy and reliable
performance are the best qualities of AB&I foundry.


Zurn Wilkins offers a full line of backflow prevention
products and accessories. From pressure reducing
valves, to fire protection and automatic control valves,
the Wilkins line covers nearly
every application and need.

We are experts in Engineered Water Solutions

As your North Texas Sales Representative for many of the leading plumbing product manufacturers, we are confident that we can find the right solution for any job. From drainage to commercial plumbing fixtures to backflow prevention, Jim Bryce & Associates have the tools to connect manufacturers to the industry that needs their products. Jim Bryce & Associates offers training and consulting services for engineers, wholesalers, and contractors.

Product Types

We offer drainage solutions, carriers, interceptors, hydrants and much more. SEE PRODUCTS.

Building Solutions

Your construction partner in government buildings, hospitality, offices & more. LEARN MORE.

Lead-Free Compliance

Using the most current law compliant equipment of the highest quality for you. SEE PRODUCTS.

Retrofit Solutions

Adapting all equipment to meet your construction needs is no problem for  us. SEE PRODUCTS.

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